joi, 24 iulie 2014

Knight fighting goblins game is the newest game online

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Our Knight wants to destroy all goblins while taking the treasures for himself. In order to do so he has to manipulate the room and bounce all over the walls in order to get to the right area. Also, you will have to beat the goblins by either jumping on their heads or by making them go into bottomless pits. Use your wits and logic in order to get the easiest and most efficient way to get to the treasure and also destroy the goblins. Use your directional keys in order to move the room around

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Knight fighting goblins game

Play Fashion designer Swimsuits

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Fashion designer SwimsuitsNow the sun is here we can have a lot of fun designing the cutest and most beautiful swimsuits, You can choose every piece of the costume by using your known style sense. You can then choose the right color in order to create some cute designs, also use the patterns in order to create dances of colors and costumes that seem more flowerish. Try and create unique designs that you would wear and then admire the swimsuits models that will walk on the podium dress in them! Use your mouse to create this swimsuits.

Fashion designer Swimsuits

Play for freeStar popping game

Do you like candy crush games or game where you have to shoot bubbles? In this game you can use your skill to destroy stars, but it;s not that easy because in order to destroy such stars you first need to have at least 2 stars connected not to mention that you will have to do this while the time is ticking and the stars are coming down. Use your mouse to destroy every star it’s connected with an other same type.

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marți, 8 iulie 2014

Play for freePistol shooting defender

You are the last soldier that remained to defend this army base and you should protect all the equipment before the terrorist will take over it. In this game you will be able to collect different packages of experience, bullets and others by destroying the airdrops from the jet. Use your pistol in this cool shooting game and aim at the rival army, shoot them down before they destroy your tanks. Use your mouse in order to shoot the bad guys and protect your base.

Play Pistol shooting defender

Bubble shooting game is the newest game online

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Do you like shooting and pu le games? In this game we combined both fun games and made one. You will have to use your aim in order to destroy this bubbles as fast as possible with the least amount of moves. You will have to make at least 3 same color combinations of same balls in order to destroy them and to make points. Also, you will be able to aim at the root of the pu le in order to destroy more buubles at one time. Use the mouse in order to shoot the bubbles. Create a row of 3 or more bubbles of the same color in order to make them drop.

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Bubble shooting game

duminică, 18 mai 2014

Shooting pirate game is the newest game online

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Are you ready to become a real life pirate and defend your ship from the scurvy robots? Well, in this game you will be able to do just that. You can use your trusty gun and sword to destroy the robots that want to steal your booty and construct turrets to help you in this super game! Play the ingame tutorial in order to familiari e yourself with the game

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Shooting pirate game

sâmbătă, 3 mai 2014

Ancient war game is the newest game online

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Are you ready for war? Complete your team and start the battles, control each of your team members in order to defeat the horde of enemies that are coming your way and win the battles by killing them all. After each mission you can upgrade your warriors and mages, you can equip them with new items in order to become stronger, faster and much more reliable in battles. You can use your mouse to control the players and your alphanumeric keys, try and watch the tutorial in order to understand the game.

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Ancient war game