joi, 14 august 2014

Play for freeNinja punching game

Are you ready to test your reflexes in this cool new online games with ninjas and samurais? Well, first, you will have to pick your warrior than we will head over to our dojo and start the fights. Hundreds of samurais will come to attack you and you will have to use your superior power and ninja training to destroy them one by one even before they can touch you. Be fast, be strong be a super ninja gamer! Use the directionals keys to kick the samurais. Wait for them to get close and then press the directional key that points towards the offending enemy

Play Ninja punching game

Play Shooting flying car game

New game:

Shooting flying car gameDo you like cars? Do you link shooting games? Well, in this case you can have both, you can drive a flying car and shoot the other obstacles in the air in order to get their gold. Use your super power to destroy the others, collect all power-ups in order to improve your guns and flying car then go on a rampage in order to become the best flying car shooter ever! Use your mouse to shoot, drive and aim your flying car.

Shooting flying car game

joi, 7 august 2014

Play for free2048 Multiplayer game

Are you ready to become the coolest and smartest kids around? In this game you can demonstrate your speed at math and puzzles. You will have to play this cool game of adding numbers and keeping the board clear versus other world wide opponents. You will have to choose the target number, for example, 128 then you will have to add all those 2′s in order to make bigger numbers multiples of 2, and add them up until your reach 128 to win the game. If you are read let the games begin! Use your directional keys to move the pieces around and make the biggest score.

Play 2048 Multiplayer game

Bottle shooting game is the newest game online

Play online games where you have to

Are you ready to help this cowboy shoot them bottles in the newest online shooting game here on friv? Well, then take the pistol, aim it well and shoot that bouncing bullet and try to destroy as many bottles as possible by bouncing it over the edges. The fewer bullets you use the biggest your score will be. Try and gather as many points as possible and make your cowboy the coolest and best shooter in the west. Use the mouse to shoot the bottles

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Bottle shooting game

joi, 24 iulie 2014

Knight fighting goblins game is the newest game online

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Our Knight wants to destroy all goblins while taking the treasures for himself. In order to do so he has to manipulate the room and bounce all over the walls in order to get to the right area. Also, you will have to beat the goblins by either jumping on their heads or by making them go into bottomless pits. Use your wits and logic in order to get the easiest and most efficient way to get to the treasure and also destroy the goblins. Use your directional keys in order to move the room around

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Knight fighting goblins game

Play Fashion designer Swimsuits

New game:

Fashion designer SwimsuitsNow the sun is here we can have a lot of fun designing the cutest and most beautiful swimsuits, You can choose every piece of the costume by using your known style sense. You can then choose the right color in order to create some cute designs, also use the patterns in order to create dances of colors and costumes that seem more flowerish. Try and create unique designs that you would wear and then admire the swimsuits models that will walk on the podium dress in them! Use your mouse to create this swimsuits.

Fashion designer Swimsuits

Play for freeStar popping game

Do you like candy crush games or game where you have to shoot bubbles? In this game you can use your skill to destroy stars, but it;s not that easy because in order to destroy such stars you first need to have at least 2 stars connected not to mention that you will have to do this while the time is ticking and the stars are coming down. Use your mouse to destroy every star it’s connected with an other same type.

Play Star popping game